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April Update

Hola gente!

Wow, what a gorgeous long weekend I've had! I've been teaching, studying, practising, socialising, creating and dancing like crazy (like...full moon crazy). I've been making an effort to honour my creative outlets and it's really beginning to make a difference to my world! For me that means prioritising art and movement. I've been drawing, painting, spending time amongst beautiful works (shout out to Whistlewood Gallery!) and moving my body! Sometimes it's Yoga, sometimes it's dance. However you choose to create, I encourage you to switch off your inner critic, take a backseat and let your YOU take the lead. It's incredible what can come about, what you can let go of and what you can facilitate.

Above is my April timetable, please note the Thursday Yin Yoga class is by booking only! It's a 4 week course at Indigo Yoga, and it begin this Thursday the 5th of April! If you'd like to book in, call or text the beautiful Lisa on 0419334817 to secure your place. I am so excited and humbled to share my Yin practice with you. Such an introspective and transformative style, Yin is so nourishing and yet so life changing! My beautiful teacher Tara would say 'sneakily effective'. It's true!

Over 4 weeks, we will explore meridians associated with Autumn and the Autumn element of metal. Metal is heavy, metal is still. Autumn is an opportunity to de-clutter, shed our old leaves, and begin to prepare for the winter. One of the areas we will focus on is our lungs. Will we be doing Pranayama? You bet! Along with Yin style postures and breathing, you will be learning Meditation and Yoga Nidra. You will leave the course with your own sequence to practice at home.

Did you see the full moon on Saturday? Ah! I don't care if I'm a cliche, there's something to magic about staring up at a huge and incandescent moon when it's full. The world falls by the wayside and I'm reminded that yes, I'm a tiny speck of a thing on a floating orb hurtling through infinite space. When I lock eyes with the moon, my mind settles and every little niggling 'issue' evaporates. So what if I got cut off on the freeway, or I pulled a muscle, or it's no longer mango season? I'm a part of a collective one-soul on the Earth and if I'm a little more compassionate, so is everybody I meet. Were you staring up at that magical moon? Tell me your stories wild ones!

I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday with Talia and Lara from Goddess Gatherings at Jaguar-Wolf Studios in Rosebud. Our full moon ceremony and movement meditation was intoxicating! I left feeling like I'd put down a bag of rocks; so much lighter. We stomped, swayed, chanted, laughed, sighed, danced and moved for the moon. Casting out what we no longer had use for and welcoming in what we need. For 2 hours I completely stepped out of my head and let my body do whatever it wanted to and wow, it was medicinal! I've been riding that wave for 2 days now, I haven't felt so clear headed and motivated in a long time. How powerful can such simple things be?! The moon, movement and tribe.

Lara and Talia run Goddess Gatherings each month on the Sunday closest to the full moon. On the 29th of April I will be guest facilitating a mindful movement worksop as part of their Anahata Chakra women's circle. While not exactly asana- mindful movement encourages that mind-body-breath connection that can be so powerful! Truly cultivate your connection to YOU. Anahata is giving and receiving compassions to other but also to yourself. More details to come, just on their facebook page if you're interested!

Reading this back it seems my personal theme for this Autumn season is letting go of clutter (mental and physical) to make way for more soulful connections and creative pursuits. I'm excited! Have you set and intention for this season? This week? Even for today? I'd love to hear from you!

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Blessings and love,

Emilie xx

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