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Student spotlight! Kayleigh H.

If you are a member of the YogaHarta community page (if not, go join!) you may have stumbled upon this gorgeous piece.

Not too long ago I got home from our regular Friday night Yin session to find the absolute loveliest thing from a very dear student Kayleigh. Tears came to my eyes, and I was left completely speechless at my kitchen table. Not only a humbling string of compliments, but importantly a reminder of the transformative power of Yoga.

Kayleigh is a regular at the studio and also has taken her Yin practice home!

I like to think of our practice on the mat as a bit of a bootcamp; you address and confront yourself over and over in the safe space. Suddenly you find yourself acting and reacting differently off your mat. Kayleigh's testimony is proof of that. Yoga has a way of helping you address the aspects of your existence where you need some extra strength. Read on to see why you might like to take up Yoga. Everything she mentions in regards to me in something I learned from my teachers and their teachers before. There are so many facets to Yoga, whoever you are there will be something that will grab your interest and better your perception of reality.

Whoever you are, you deserve it.

Kayleigh is an awesome student (and human!) who lives Ahimsa through and through. If you enjoyed her words you might like to check out her instagram @under_a_healthy_haze or her blog Goji and Pepita.

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