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What's happening in July!

So it seems these little updates are happening seasonally! We are now smack bang in the middle of Winter and I've got some things to let you in on.

After years and years and years of complaining my way through Melbourne winters I decided to try a new approach of just embracing it. That whole aversion and attachment (Raga and Dvesa for those of you playing at home) thing. I've broken out the knits and kept my zest for life throughout this cold, wet, moody time of year. T he outdoors is still pretty, hot cacaos are extra delicious and blankets can double as clothing. We've been foraging for yummy seasonal mushrooms (pictured below) and hot yoga and especially wonderful. I guess this isn't so bad after all!

Keeping moving over winter is vital for keeping us from feeling stagnant. My vinyasa practice is keeping me from feeling creaky and warming me internally!

As for Yin? Winter is the ultimate Yin season. Cool, dark, still and introspective. If there's a time to turn inward and make space for sowing new seeds, it's now.

Since I last posted I've taken up some new classes, and a new 4 week course is due! Saturday afternoons at 4pm, I'm now taking a Yin class at Bikram Yoga Peninsula in Mornington. Can you think of anything better than warm, gooey Yin on a dark, rainy afternoon? It's heaven. The reception over at BYP has been overwhelming, the classes are huge and I'm so so happy to be a part of the community!

Coming this July, I'm excited to announce the 2nd seasonal Yin series with Indigo Yoga in Rosebud! For 4 weeks, we will be practicing Yin Yoga with sequences influenced by Winter. Winter is associated with the element of water and our kidney meridian. There will be lots of lower body focus and hip-centric postures.

Have you been looking for some you time? For introspection, contemplation... or perhaps you just feel you need a little physical nurturing. This course is perfect for you! The facebook is event is here if you're interested in more information.

Above is my updated timetable. Check out the studio closest to you! Too far away? I have some online content in the works, so we can start practicing together, where ever!

Speaking of where ever, I am very lucky to be heading over to Spain at the end of July for 4 weeks! That mean this month is your last chance to practice with me till September, and I would love to see you before I go!

So, a big thank you for taking the time to check in. You can find me here in the mean time:




I would love to hear the ways you are embracing your Winter, or perhaps how you feel about online practices!

Hopefully I can post again before Spring ;)

With light and love and sincere gratitude,

Emilie xx

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