• Emilie Fincher

DIY Yoga Bolster

So we're all tucked away at home at the moment, really challenging our self practice yoga routine! Online yoga practices are such a nice opportunity to hand the sequencing over to someone else. I have been practicing along with some amazing friends and fellow teachers so often!

If you find yourself missing your props from your regular studio, check out my DIY bolster video. Make your own bolster with a couple of things I bet you have lying around the house.

Here 's a picture of me using my own DIY bolster. In fact, I filmed a whole class using it. It's such an easy way to provide yourself with a little extra support in your practice.

Now you can follow along with your online yin and restorative practice easily. Check out my video below.

Let me know how you go- I love seeing everyone bolster photos!

Happy practicing friends,


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